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A community for mums to come together as we navigate the wonderful, ever challenging, yet unbelievably rewarding world of motherhood!

I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for this journey but I do believe there is always more to learn and who better to learn it from than other mums on the same journey.


  • My favourite stretches for breastfeeding mums
    Mastering the art of breast-feeding is a skill in itself. I recall adopting some of the most awkward positions but when the milk is flowing and baby is guzzling you literally don’t want to move an inch. As a result of this we mummas can end up with some weird aches and pains in our upper back, neck and shoulders. There are a bunch of great stretches & self massage techniques that we can use to relieve or even potentially prevent this from happening.
  • Why you need a Women’s Health Physio
    A Women’s Health Physio can help with many things both during pregnancy and in the post partum phase. Think of them as a personal trainer for your vagina and I highly recommend you find yourself a good one. Why? Read the full post and see.
  • My 36+ hour labour
    It was a Friday afternoon and my contractions had finally started. I was so excited… it was finally here.. We were going to meet our little Ruby girl, but little did I know how long she was actually going to make us wait…. Every mums birth story is unique and this is mine. It’s pretty detailed and I’ll share details that I haven’t really discussed openly before.

‘ All that matters is a healthy baby…

The birth matters. Your post partum recovery matters. How you feel matters.

Mothers matter too”